Who am I, or who am I not?

What a question to ask about oneself!

The reason for posting this note is that there are a number of Tom Hollands on the internet and anyone doing a search is likely to become confused.

I am not Tom Holland, the candidate for governor; nor am I Tom Holland, the American preacher who advocates the KJ version of the bible. I am not Tom Holland, the film producer; Tom Holland, the fitness coach; Tom Holland, the painter; or Tom Holland, the musician, or Tom Holland the young dancer in the musical Billy Elliot. Last of all, I am not Tom Holland, the Oxford historian who has written a series of highly acclaimed works on ancient history. Oh, to have a fraction of their skills and gifts!

I am Tom Holland, lecturer at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology who has written Contours of Pauline Theology and the soon-to-be-published Romans: The Divine Marriage. I hope this helps.


2 thoughts on “Who am I, or who am I not?

  1. This is good to know sir. I heard I should look into your writings while reading Rob Bel
    This is what I learned the hard way. I was inspired to read your writings by Hearing of the new exodus theme in Jesus Wants to save Christians. After reading Rubicon and beginning to read The Forge of Christendom I was told this was not the author referred to in JWSC.
    Though I enjoyed these books thoroughly I was thankful to finally read the theologian Tom Holland’s book.

  2. Tom,
    Thank you for the copy of Romans. I look forward to the read. It may take me awhile. I am finishing my own book, about a Holocaust survivor, and I will be in the Philippines from Oct 13-Nov 1 working with our pastors and others there at two conferences.

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