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Review: Chai (British Messianic Jewish Alliance) (Richard Gibson)

British Messianic Jewish Alliance “Chai” magazine spring 2005: Issue 223
Book Review
Contours of Pauline Theology

A Radical New Survey of the Influences on Paul’s Biblical Writings

Tom Holland
2004 Mentor: Christian Focus Publications
ISBN 1-85792-469-X

In this book Tom Holland is introducing to mainstream biblical scholarship what the Messianic movement has been saying about Paul for many years. With scholarly insight and uplifting erudition Tom Holland is making Paul kosher again, demonstrating that the apostle was not, as is sometimes claimed, a self-hating Jew who transformed a good rabbi called Yeshua into a powerful divinity in order to give his new religion an edge over the Greek pantheon of gods.

Tom challenges the current tide of scholarly opinion about Paul by stating that the apostle’s theology can be properly understood only in the light of his Jewish background. In order to correctly read Paul’s writings we must view them through the lenses of Passover and the “New Exodus” spoken of by the later prophets.

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