Contours of Pauline Theology

Contours book coverThis page contains information related to my book, Contours of Pauline Theology (buy from Amazon).

From the links below you can access the full version containing the footnotes and full text that the publisher edited for the sake of brevity and to help non-academics access the work. It is worth noting that it is cheaper to buy the book than try and print off the chapters yourself!

Please Note: This version has not been proof-read and contains errors. Time does not permit editing but as the material has been requested I am happy for it to be available on the clear understanding of its limits.

For your convenience, you can also download a ZIP file (6.8Mb) containing all the PDF files.

For those who have not read the book but would like to have some idea of what it is about, the concluding chapter gives a summary of the arguments.

Section One – Explorations of Heritage

Chapter 1 Paul, Jesus and the Old Testament Promises (PDF filePDF, 408Kb)
Chapter 2 Paul and the Prophets (PDF filePDF, 318Kb)
Chapter 3 Methodological Presuppositions (PDF filePDF, 247Kb)
Chapter 4 Isaiah and the Servant (PDF filePDF, 277Kb)

Section Two – Passover and Community

Chapter 5 The Paschal Community and the Body of Sin (PDF filePDF, 531Kb)
Chapter 6 The Paschal Community and the Eschatological Marriage (PDF filePDF, 554Kb)
Chapter 7 The Paschal Community and Baptism (PDF filePDF, 377Kb)

Section Three – Soteriology and Passover

Chapter 8 The Paschal Community and Redemption (PDF filePDF, 554Kb)
Chapter 9 The Paschal Community and Justification (PDF filePDF, 1.17Mb)

Section Four – Christology and Passover

Chapter 10 The Paschal Significance of the Jewish cult (PDF filePDF, 844Kb)
Chapter 11 The Paschal Community and its Hymns of Praise (PDF filePDF, 537Kb)
Chapter 12 The Paschal Community and the Claims of Wisdom (PDF filePDF, 246Kb)
Chapter 13 Conclusion (PDF filePDF, 66Kb)

Section Five – Appendix and Excursus

Chapter 14 Review of exodus and paschal theology (PDF filePDF, 179Kb)
Chapter 15 Excursus: The Passover/Aqedah motif in the Early Church (PDF filePDF, 297Kb)
Bibliography (PDF filePDF, 637Kb)

Note: In the published book, chapter 9 was split into two separate chapters, 9 and 10. Therefore, in this fuller electronic version chapter 9 is equal to chapters 9 and 10 in the printed version and Chapters 11 and 12 in the book become 10 and 11 in the electronic version.

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