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The Romans commentary is now available. For more information, you can visit the dedicated site for the commentary:

Romans: The Divine Marriage

Having had so many people emailing me to ask when the commentary would be out, I felt it would be good to reward such patience with an insight as to the sort of issues that I am raising. I am making available a short excursus (PDF file, 347Kb) from the commentary. It is an example of what happens when we recognise the Jewish origins of the church and her teaching and try to work through the implications of this well recognised fact.

If you find the excursus on sin helpful, please let others know of its availability.

Below are several pre-publication reviews:

As the subtitle indicates, Tom Holland’s Romans is truly both biblical and theological, as the letter is set firmly in its unfolding canonical context. Holland shows how Romans contributes to our understanding of God’s covenant arrangement with humankind. The commentary digs deeply into current scholarship on the Old Testament roots of Paul’s teaching, yet presents its conclusions in accessible language.

Douglas Moo
Blanchard Professor of New Testament
Dept of Biblical and Theological Studies,
Wheaton College
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

This vigorously argued commentary seeks to allow Old Testament themes and thought patterns, not misguided scholarly conventions, to control Romans’ message. Paul’s ministry is seen rigorously in New Exodus terms; the church is the New Israel, Yahweh’s people and (along with true Israel of old) figurative bride. Verses from the prophet Isaiah are particularly foundational. Organizationally Holland’s treatment is strongly messianic in focus—every section of Romans is subordinated to “the Messiah King.” Scholars of Romans will be stimulated by interaction with this canonically alert, creative, and frequently contrarian exposition and synthesis of a Pauline classic.

Robert W. Yarbrough
Associate Professor of New Testament
New Testament Department Chair
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
2065 Half Day Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

This commentary on Romans develops many of the major themes explored in Dr Holland’s useful and insightful book Contours of Pauline Theology.  Tom Holland always remains alert to the influence and relevance of the Old Testament, and emphasises the impact of Paul’s thought upon the Church as a community, and as well as on the individual as part of that community.
Above all, Tom Holland deploys his scholarship to produce a very saline and practical commentary.  The preacher will find here many practical applications, which will bring Paul’s message to life for today.  This is a clear and readable exposition, which well reflects Paul’s pastoral concern for the community of the Church.

Anthony C. Thiselton, D.D.,
Professor of Christian Theology,
University of Nottingham, and Canon Theologian of Leicester and Canon Theologian Emeritus of Southwell and Nottingham.

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