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Who am I, or who am I not?

What a question to ask about oneself!

The reason for posting this note is that there are a number of Tom Hollands on the internet and anyone doing a search is likely to become confused.

I am not Tom Holland, the candidate for governor; nor am I Tom Holland, the American preacher who advocates the KJ version of the bible. I am not Tom Holland, the film producer; Tom Holland, the fitness coach; Tom Holland, the painter; or Tom Holland, the musician, or Tom Holland the young dancer in the musical Billy Elliot. Last of all, I am not Tom Holland, the Oxford historian who has written a series of highly acclaimed works on ancient history. Oh, to have a fraction of their skills and gifts!

I am Tom Holland, lecturer at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology who has written Contours of Pauline Theology and the soon-to-be-published Romans: The Divine Marriage. I hope this helps.


Update on commentary – Romans: The Divine Marriage

Having had so many people emailing me to ask when the commentary would be out, I felt it would be good to reward such patience with an insight as to the sort of issues that I am raising. I am making available a short excursus (PDF file, 347Kb) from the commentary. It is an example of what happens when we recognise the Jewish origins of the church and her teaching and try to work through the implications of this well recognised fact.

The final draft of Romans: The Divine Marriage is about to go to the publishers, Wipf and Stock, who expect to publish about Easter 2011. Please address all enquiries concerning publication date to them.

If you find the excursus on sin helpful, please let others know of its availability.

Thank you,

Tom Holland