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Welcome to the easy access page for reviews of the books written by the theologian Tom Holland.

Professional endorsements of Tom Wright and the Search for Truth

Reviews of Tom Wright and the Search for Truth posted on Good reads

Reviews of Romans: Hope for the Nations
www.apiarypublishing.com/ home-hftn/

Reviews of Contours of Pauline Theology
www.tomholland.org.uk/ summary-reviews/

On this site you will find the full version of my book Contours of Pauline Theology as well as reviews:

Summary reviews

Detailed reviews

Tom Holland pictureAs the site develops, other material will

be added such as journal articles, some sermons and information related to my Reading Romans lectures.

The version of Contours of Pauline Theology found here has the footnotes and full text that the publisher edited for the sake of brevity and to help non-academics access the work.

I would be grateful if you would alert others that you know who are interested in Biblical Studies to the existence of this site, and please ask your contacts to do likewise.

If you are interested in my commentary on Romans, you may find the following short excursus (PDF file, 347Kb) helpful. Please visit the commentary page for more information or you can find out more by going direct to the dedicated website:

Romans: The Divine Marriage

You can listen to a recent interview given while on a visit to Romania here:

Interview with Daniel Tanc (25th March 2011) MP3 file

Here are the latest 5 News items:

  • Tyndale Conference posted on July 13, 2015
  • Tom Holland to Speak at Tyndale posted on July 4, 2015
  • Who am I, or who am I not? posted on October 12, 2010
  • Update on commentary – Romans: The Divine Marriage posted on October 12, 2010
  • Fall visit to the U.S.A posted on March 13, 2009

  • If you would like to contact me with your email address, I will let you know when material is added to this site or you can use the RSS feeds for new articles or comments (more info on RSS). If you have read my book and want to make comments to me personally I will read them. I cannot promise an individual reply because of work pressure, but I intend to answer issues that are relevant on these pages for all to share. Please make your comments as concise as possible, thank you.

    Tom Holland

    Use the links below to go straight to the full reviews of Contours

  • Review (Romans): Colin Hamer
  • Review (Romans): Guildford Community Church (Peter Wilkinson)
  • Review: American Journal of Biblical Theology
  • Review: Baptist Times (Trevor Reynolds)
  • Review: Chai (British Messianic Jewish Alliance) (Richard Gibson)
  • Review: Christian Witness to Israel Herald (Mike Moore)
  • Review: Congregational Concern (Dr. Chris Sinkinson)
  • Review: Contact (practical theology and pastoral care) (Leslie Houlden)
  • Review: Currents in Theology and Mission, August 2007 (Graydon F. Snyder)
  • Review: European Journal of Theology (Dr. Anthony Bash)
  • Review: Evangel (Dr. Stephen Dray)
  • Review: Evangelical Review of Theology (Prof. I. Howard Marshall)
  • Review: Evangelical Theological College of Wales Newsletter
  • Review: Evangelical Times (Philip Eveson)
  • Review: Evangelicals Now (Peter Misselbrook)
  • Review: Expository Times (Prof. Anthony Thiselton)
  • Review: Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society (Michael D. Makidon)
  • Review: Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism Bulletin (David Bond)
  • Review: opensourcetheology.net (Peter Wilkinson)
  • Review: Reformation Today (Bill James)
  • Review: Review of Biblical Literature (Michael Bird)
  • Review: Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology (Mostyn Roberts)
  • Review: The Banner of Truth Magazine (Robert Strivens)
  • Review: The Catholic Biblical Quarterly (Craig A Evans)
  • Review: The Journal of the Church of England (Continuing) (Roger du Barry)
  • Review: The Paul Page (Mark Mattison)
  • Review: The Reformation Theological Review (Bill Salier)
  • Review: Themelios (Dr. Christoph Stenschke)
  • Review: Trinity Theological Journal (Singapore) (Dr. Tan Kim Haut)
  • Review: University of Stellenbosch (Prof HJB Combrink)
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